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With GDL Quality Systems, you can offer your internal and external users slick, effective, and simple-to-use mobile solutions, and they'll reward you with more loyalty and active participation in the real world. Our mobile app developers put a special emphasis on the following to ensure coverage of all solution quality dimensions:

Design for User Experience

If you want to develop an emotional connection, a "silent" design, or a user interface that "wows," GDL Quality Systems has specialists on staff with the necessary talents to produce the amazing mobile experience you desire.

Multi-Platform Support

In order to provide the best possible coverage of all target audiences, we offer across all widely used mobile platforms and mobile-enabled technologies in addition to helping businesses with their mobile app distribution strategy.

Interoperability & Scalability

The application designs we produce take scalability and interoperability into account right from the start, giving flexibility for future technical improvements to increase the value of your programme.

Safety and Compliance

Every project has a unique set of security and compliance requirements, some of which are very onerous. At GDL Quality Systems, we start projects by addressing improved or sector-specific security needs and business continuity criteria.

Enhanced Delivery

Our company uses DevOps and continuous value delivery practises for quick functionality delivery and accelerated product launch while securing first-class solution quality and performance to quickly adapt to changes in customer demands.



There are several ways GDL Quality Systems incorporates GPS technology to increase the value of the mobile apps that are supplied, including solutions for fleet monitoring, geo-fencing, and geo-targeting as well as location-aware in-app messaging.

Location Sensing

In order to benefit from high-precision location awareness capabilities for improved in-store experiences, secure contactless payments, indoor location sensing, and contextual information/coupon distribution, we use the most recent technologies, such as BLE Beacons, NFC, and upcoming Wi-Fi standards.

Tech to wear

We provide wearable technology solutions that are supported by remote, cloud-based data gathering, monitoring, and sophisticated analytics capabilities. These solutions include wearable gadgets and technology that has embedded smart sensors and displays.

Internet of Things

GDL Quality Systems is well-positioned to provide Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for devices and appliances controlled by mobile devices, such as linked home solutions, real-time tracking and monitoring services, video surveillance, and many more.

Artificial Reality

In order to provide engaging AR mobile apps that overlay digital information and interactivity over real-world environments, we use tried-and-true technologies in audio, video streaming, GPS data, and object identification and regularly track improvements in smart devices.

Cloud-Powered Backend

GDL Quality Systems has a wealth of experience developing real-time, multi-device, cloud-based mobile backend solutions as well as storing, processing, and analysing the data that is received, including that produced by Internet of Things (IoT) sensors.


GDL Quality Systems is able to address our Customers' application environments holistically thanks to a diverse portfolio of web-based and mobile technology solutions. We concentrate on large-scale projects utilizing mobile, online, embedded, and cloud technologies, assisting organizations in better focusing on integrated and organized technology ecosystem setup.


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